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Merchant's FAQ

1- What Kind of business can be promoted with Wikideal?

Wikideal represents an excellent sale platform that applies for a variety of businesses. Our categories include restaurants, cafes, bars, health and well-being, activities and events, shops, boutiques, hotels and getaways. You can also suggest additional categories by contacting us at

2- What are the procedures to display my business on Wikideal?

Contact us by E-mail at or by phone 514-788-4474. Our representative will guide you through the process of creating an unbeatable deal of 51% and more.

3- What are the benefits of promoting my business with Wikideal?

Promoting your business with Wikideal has several advantages. You have a focused opportunity for FREE targeted marketing for your products, favouring therefore your advertising budget. You are the headliner on our site for a full day. You present an unbeatable offer that differentiates your business and thereby motivates our members to try your products and services. You also attract new clientele without risk because the customer has previously paid for your products and services.

4- When will my offer be posted on Wikideal’s website?

Generally, we have a waiting period of one to six weeks after signing your contract. Please note that we take into consideration your needs, your goals and your business type. Our goal is to ensure your success!

5- Can I get help to write my deal?

We have a team that specializes in sales and in the formulation of online deals. Our forms are detailed and easy to use. A representative will assist you through all the steps and help you represent your business as best as possible. To receive proper documentation or to contact a representative, contact us at or call 514-788-4474.

6- What do I need to provide to write the description of my offer?

Our representatives will help you prepare your offer. It is important to provide our representatives with all relevant material for drafting an attractive description of your product or service. We ask you to provide the company’s logo, link to your website, high resolution photos, videos and any article published on your business.

7- Do I have to provide pictures of my business?

Of course! It is always preferable to provide pictures that represent as best as possible your product. If you do not have a picture of your business, we can provide you with generic photos.

8- When do the vouchers purchased by clients be effective?

All vouchers are sent to the customers once the offer is activated. Typically, the vouchers are effective the following day unless specified otherwise by the merchant.

9- Is the voucher transferable?

Each voucher has a unique code and the name of the person who bought it. Nevertheless, they can be transferred to others as gifts. The voucher can be used only once because following its use, the merchant will proceed to its deactivation thereafter.

10- Need additional information?

For any other questions, please contact us at: