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Our Refund Policy


Here at WIKIDEAL, your satisfaction is paramount. This is why we are fully committed to offer you an unparalleled customer service and a flexible refund policy, adapted to today’s reality. 

Please note that this policy does not apply to products being shipped to WIKIDEAL members. For products requiring shipment, the refund policy will be described in the offer details. 

Money back guarantee

Up until 15 days after the date of purchase and as long as your WIKIDEAL coupon has not been used or expired, you can get your money back without any questions asked. 

No matter the motive, your refund request will be honored. You simply must contact our customer service department within 30 days of your purchase. We will reimburse the same credit card you used to make the purchase. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your reimbursement to show up on your credit card statement. 

The WIKIDEAL commitment

After 15 days and as long as your WIKIDEAL coupon has not been used or expired, the refund requests will be treated on a case-by-case basis.

WIKIDEAL is committed to giving a fair and just treatment to all of its members and will work together with the merchant to ensure you receive the product or service you bought. 

Expired vouchers

After the expiration date of a WIKIDEAL coupon, the voucher owner will not be able to get a refund from WIKIDEAL. However, the coupon will always be exchangeable with the merchant for the price paid (and not the value of the voucher). 

It is important for WIKIDEAL members to use their coupons before the expiration date, so that they can benefit from the full value of the coupons. 

It is also important for our users to understand that it is the merchant and not WIKIDEAL the one responsible for providing the service bought or to honor the coupon (at the price paid) after expiration.   

To contact our customer service department:

Telephone: 514-788-4474 / 1-855-788-4474